Friday, September 28, 2012

Creative Wedding Gift: Upcycled Invitation 
I always feel so bad throwing out wedding invites after the big day has passed.  I know how much time and effort the bride & groom invest in choosing, addressing, and mailing them.  I knew it would make a wonderful keepsake for the happy couple, I just didn't know what to do with it (besides framing it).  So, I searched Pinterest and found a wonderful idea: using the invite to make an ornament for the Christmas tree!  It was super simple & I think the bride & groom really appreciated it.  I am currently on a hunt for one of our wedding invitations from  9 years ago in hopes that I can do the same for my hubby & I.  We love Christmas and we love reminiscing over each ornament, remembering who gave it to us, what year, and why it's so special.

The link to the original pin is below the picture.  I did upload my pics (not great, so definitely look at the link) and directions under the Gift Idea tab.

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